Drake's Academy is an "all boys" Academy, and we are one of only a few gyms dedicated to boys specifically in South Africa.

We are driven for High Performance Gymnastics training, producing talented gymnastics athletes. We have two(2) programs available, our Drake's Academy MAG Program, or the Pre-Junior Olympic/Age Group Program.

Our Drake's Academy MAG Program is available to all skill levels from beginners, and we select our talent athletes from this program.

Our main discipline at Drake's Academy is Men's Artistic Gymnastics, and we select from this discipline our Trampoline and Tumbling athletes. We do have a Trampoline/Tumbling only option, but is limited to certain training days/times.


At Drake's Academy all athletes that enrol in our Men's Artistic Gymnastics Program will be placed in the Drake's Academy MAG Program that is only available at Drake's Academy. This is our entry level program to encourage and bring out the talent in gymnasts. This program is not a competitive program, but a skills development program. We do use this program in our club competitions. When an athlete would like to compete in SAGF Competitions, they will compete a level that has a similar difficulty level than the level of the program they are in.

Our program includes all 6 apparatus: Floor, Pommel, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar. Athletes get exposure on all 6 apparatus from level 1, building basic skills up to more advanced skills.


At Drake's Academy we are passionate about gymnastics, and passionate about producing talented athletes. Our main goal is to produce talented athletes that follow our Talent domain. We use the International Gymnastics Federations' development program (Age Group program) developing talented and passionate gymnasts who would like to make high performance their main sport of choice.

The talent program consists of class 1,2,3,4 and FIG Junior Olympic, then after they can move onto FIG Senior Olympic.

This program is very age specific and each class has a minimum and a maximum age. We also have very specific entry and exit requirements a gymnast needs to adhere to. If a gymnast is unable to comply with the rules associated with this program they will be moved to the competitive mainstream level as below, or will fall back into our Drake's Academy Program.


At Drake's Academy we require respect and behavior in our classes. We have a 5 point rules system that has proven to improve the athletes behavior, attitude, work ethic and safety within our Academy. All new athletes are given a detailed description of each rule below


Every athlete will learn to reflect on their work. After every session and competition the athlete must reflect on their work and effort, this will improve their self-improvement, thinking and work ethic. Selft reflection is an important part of their training and can have benifits in other sports and areas in life.


All Athletes should know about this 7 skills step. Skills can always be worked on and improved and should not be neglected just because the athlete can perform them. These steps are important for our Talent program, but also valuble for all programs that we offer. The athletes need to know these steps so they can understand why they have to perfect skills even if they can do them already.